Saturday, February 5, 2011

Third Grade-February 3rd Class

This week we covered chapter 10, The Church Prays, in our text book.  The class learned about prayers of intercession, praise, petition, blessing and thanksgiving.  We talked about how Jesus taught the disciples the Our Father, and we prayed this prayer together. We discussed how we can pray together as a group, such as at Mass, or alone.

Our key words for this week are prayer, synagogue, liturgy and pilgrimages.  Everyone should have these keywords and their definitions highlighted in their text book.  Students are responsible for knowing these words and their definitions.

Our rosary mystery for this week was the first sorrowful mystery, the agony in the garden.  Students were given a coloring page that represents this mystery.

This week we played a game called Catholic Lingo Bingo from Arma Dei.  The bingo cards are pictures of sacramentals, things you would find at church, vestments, and people such as priests.  It's a fun game that teaches the kids a little about some items of which they might not know much.  For example, none of them knew what a monstrance was, but now they know it holds the Blessed Sacrament when it's exposed for Eucharistic Adoration.

This week's homework is to pray the Apostle's Creed daily and complete Project Disciple on pages 96 and 97.

Have a great week.  I'll see you next Thursday!

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