Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kindergarten-November 14th and 21st Classes

I'm really sorry that I haven't updated about our class for the past two weeks.  Between illnesses in the family and all the craziness that comes with preparing for Thanksgiving and classroom Thanksgiving feasts and shows for my daughter's schools, I simply never got around to updating the blog.

On November 14th, we covered chapter 5, God Made the Animals, in our text book.  We talked about our favorite animals and how God wants us to care for all the wonderful animals he gave us.  We also listened to the story of Noah's Ark and colored a related coloring page.

During circle time we discussed Flat Father Stanley's latest adventures.  We also listened to the third installment of the story of St. Therese.

On November 21st, we covered chapter 6, The Church Year, in our text book.  We talked about all the ways we can celebrate God's love for us.  At the beginning of the class we colored a picture of the Blessed Mother holding a crowned infant Jesus and I told them about how the church was celebrating the solemnity of Christ the King that day.

During circle time we listened to the next installment of St. Therese's story from the Catholic Children's Treasure Box series.  Once we were finished with circle time we began to work on our Thankful Turkey project.  The children made turkeys by tracing their hands and cutting it out.  Then we added four feathers that listed things they were thankful to God for.

There is no class on November 27th.  The homework is to pray the Hail Mary every day.  Pretty soon we will begin learning the Our Father.

Advent begins this Sunday, November 28th.  Check out this post for an excellent way to celebrate the season of Advent with your child.

Get Ready For Advent!

Advent starts tomorrow and it is the perfect time of year to teach your child the true meaning of Christmas.  I particularly love Advent because there are so many different activities you can do with your children to help them experience the richness of our faith.

Holy Heros is a company that offers Advent, Lenten and Summer Faith Adventures for free each year.  Last year was the first year that our family participated in any of Holy Heros adventures and I was incredibly impressed with how much my children learned from their programs.  I strongly encourage all of you to sign up for the Holy Heros Advent Adventure.  Don't worry if you come across this post a few days into Advent, you can still sign up.

A great thing about the Holy Heros Advent Adventure is that it is suitable for a wide age range.  It's perfect for preschoolers and school aged children.

Here's a video Holy Heros put together to tell you about the Advent Adventure.