Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kindergarten-February 27th Class

This week we covered chapter 17, Jesus Grew Up in Nazareth, in our text book.  The class learned about how the Holy Family lived and how we can do some things just like they did.  For example, playing games, eating meals together, praying, and buying food.  The children also learned that just as they have a family to help them grow big and strong, Jesus also had a family who loved and cared for Him and helped Him to grow.

During circle time the children listened to two stories about Jesus' boyhood.  The first was the chapter booklet "Jesus in the Temple" which told the story of Jesus staying behind in the temple.  The second story was from the Catholic Bible Stories for Children book which told about life in Nazareth based on archeological findings.  We also listened to a story about Flat Father Stanley's latest adventure.  It turns out he's thinking about looking into pursuing Ninja lessons since he's already got the look.  Flat Father's adventures never cease to amuse us!  I'm convinced that he's quite the character.

This week's homework is to pray the Our Father and Hail Mary every day.  Each week at circle time it's evident that some of the children are working very hard at learning these prayers.  The class has made great progress.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  I'll see you next Sunday!

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