Sunday, October 31, 2010

Third Grade -October 28th Class

Sorry it's taken so long to get an update on this past Thursday's class on the blog.  I've been busy with other obligations that prevented me from taking time to blog.

This past Thursday we presented the "Think First and Stay Safe" child lures prevention class.  The students who were present learned about various child lures that people may try to use on them to lead them into a harmful situation.  We discussed ways to avoid getting caught in these lures.

Because we do not meet for class during the month of November a letter was sent home detailing the three lessons you need to review with your child over our break.  Chapters 1, 2 and 4 are the lessons that I would like everyone to review.  A packet with three corresponding worksheets were also sent home.  These puzzles are the homework for the month of November.

A letter was sent home with your child from the Religious Education department regarding food donations for the Thanksgiving food drive.  Because we do not meet for class, please drop off your food donations at the church or the school (during another religious education session).  I teach a class on Sunday at 9AM in room 1A.  Any student who wishes to bring their donation to my Sunday morning class will earn a reward sticker.

Each Thursday I will be posting an extra credit assignment that can be completed for a reward sticker.  Check back each week for this assignment.

Also, confessions will be the second week of December.  Please see that your child remembers the Act of Contrition.

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