Thursday, October 21, 2010

Third Grade-October 21st Class

This week we covered chapter 5, We Learn About the Early Church.  In this chapter the students learned that the Apostles led the church.  We discussed how the disciples of Jesus spread the Gospel, or good news.  We also learned about how many early Christians were martyred for their faith.    And we talked about how the saints are our ancestors in faith who provide good examples of holiness.

This week's key words are: Act of the Apostles, Gospel, and martyrs.  Students are responsible for knowing these terms.  They can show up on a pop quiz at any time.  It's also good to know these terms because they will come up in future trivia games.

During our rosary time we talked about the fifth Joyful Mystery, the Finding of Jesus in the Temple.  We talked about how St. Joseph and St. Mary must have felt when they realized that the child Jesus was missing, and how happy they must have been when they found him in the temple.

We learned about the Jesus fish symbol or Ichthus in tonight's lesson and we colored and cut out an Ichthus.

This week's homework is the Chapter 5 project disciple activities on pages 56 and 57.

Next week we will be presenting the Child Lures Prevention class.  A letter regarding this class was sent home a few weeks ago.

See you all next week!

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