Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kindergarten-October 3rd Class

This week we covered chapter 3, God Gives Us Water, in class.  We talked about how water feels, the ways we use it, and where we can find it.  We talked about how water is a wonderful gift from God.

At the start of class we listened to a bible story about Noah and his ark.

During circle time we discussed some of the ways we experience God's gift of water in nature (snow, rain, and the ocean).  We listened to the story and looked at the pictures from Flat Father Stanley's first adventure.  Then we concluded our circle time by saying the Hail Mary.

This week our class merged with the kindergarten class from room 1B so we have more friends which means more fun!

Homework for the next two weeks is to continue learning the Sign of the Cross and Hail Mary.  

Please note that our class does not meet again until October 17th.   

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