Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kindergarten-January 9th Class

This week we covered chapter 10, God Helps Us to Discover, in our text book.  This chapter covered the five senses God gave us so we can discover and enjoy the world around us.  We did a couple of related activity sheets where we discussed what we might see, hear, smell, taste and feel at a carnival, and we also discussed and drew some of our favorite things to see, smell, and taste.

During circle time we listened to a short story about our senses which tied into the chapter for the week.  We also listened to a story about this week's gospel, the baptism of our Lord.  Children colored a search and find page that was related to this gospel reading when they arrived at class this morning.

Next week we do not have class.  Our class will meet again on January 23rd.  Until then, please have your child continue to pray the Hail Mary each day.  When we resume classes on the 23rd, we will begin learning the Our Father.

See you in two weeks!

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